A powerful, programmable, scientific calculator.

Version 1.1.0 Release Notes

18 Jun 2017

This is the first desktop release of SciCalc! SciCalc started out as a Chrome App, named Scientific Calculator (and is still available in the Chrome Store). However, Google decided to stop supporting Chrome Apps except on Chromebooks, so I’m releasing it as a desktop application. It’s using the Electron framework which uses Chromium to support web technologies on the desktop.

The interface has been updated to look more modern and look better as a standalone application instead of a tab in a browser window.

There’s no installer yet (maybe in a future version), so you can just download, extract the contents of the .zip/.tar.gz file and run scicalc. It will check for updates on startup, so when there’s a new version released you’ll find out the next time you run it.

This version will work on Windows, Linux, Raspberry Pi, or Chrome OS. A macOS version will be coming “soon”, but I don’t have a Mac for testing. If you own a Mac and are interested in helping out, email me at “email [at] matthewcrumley [dot] com” and let me know.